Sitting to Write




“There’s such depth and wisdom in Susan’s feedback. Her experience as a novelist guided us in understanding the many aspects of writing a long work. This workshop has been wonderful! The group experience added to the support I needed to work on my novel. Susan is well aware that it truly takes a village to sit and write.”

– Cheryl Levinson


“Susan continues to be a true godsend in helping me shape and complete my first book. Her classes are warm, engaging, insightful and often deep. She creates an atmosphere that enables you to find the deeper truths of your story and gives invaluable insights based on her voracious and obvious love of books, along with her extensive knowledge as a writer. I’m forever grateful to her.”

– Shauna Hellewell


“Susan Wyler’s Sitting to Write is the graduate degree to Method Writing. If you want to take your prose writing to the next level, I heartily recommend Susan’s techniques. Not only will you learn how to move beyond staring at the blank page, you will learn techniques to stretch scenes with richness into a finished work. Mechanics and the unconscious come together with Susan’s insight.”

– John Rumbold


“Susan’s philosophy on “how to write a novel,” helps me trust, connect with, and uncover the unknown story that I’ve been searching to write. Her techniques on how to get centered and let the process organically unfold help me craft scenes that I am proud of.  Susan exemplifies the ultimate “art of teaching.” Her guidance and feedback in class are perceptive, honest and encouraging. As a teacher myself, I admire her professionalism, intuition and mastery of her subject. I have immense gratitude for the gift of writing my novel with such a wise soul and beautiful coach as Susan Wyler. Her inspiration continually teaches me to better live in this magnificent world of light, energy and balance.”

– Elizabeth Jackson, Gyrotonic Master Trainer”


“Susan Wyler was a student of mine for many years, many years ago, and has gone on to write some amazing novels and poems. Some of Susan’s poems can be found in “Oklahoma Gothic, The Castle,” a collaboration with famed artist Deloss McGraw. Her novel “Solsbury Hill” was published by Riverhead Books, 2014. Her upcoming novel “The Wreck Itself” will be out soon. Take this class. She knows what she’s doing, knows how to impart that knowledge in a generous way, and creates an atmosphere that’s supportive and nurturing. Each session of Sitting to Write runs for eight weeks. By the end of eight weeks, you will have learned something invaluable.”

– Jack Grapes

“Susan’s workshops are fantastic. Her method gives writers

the skills to produce prose which captures the reader’s interest and imagination.”

– Ed Rosenthal, Poetbroker


“Susan Wyler is currently working with me on my first novel, and the experience is revelatory. She has the ear of a musician with perfect pitch, and helps me to fine tune my own ear. Her instincts are superb when it comes to narrative structure, character development, and how the voice supports both (or doesn’t.) She instills a sense of trust in one’s own process and sensibility, without imposing her own style. I am becoming a more confident writer through our work together.”

– Lori Grapes
“I highly recommend Susan Wyler’s classes, whether you are working
toward a completed novel or beginning one. She breathes fresh air into
your work, reads like a reader, and points out what works and what is not clear. She has an intuitive feel for where your story wants to go (often before you do)and gives concrete methods to create scenes that are present and relevant to your novel. Susan is frank and forthright. She digs deep and will not waste your time. She’s an extraordinary teacher. I am so glad to have had the pleasure to work with her on two novels.”

– Linda Pyle

“Susan Wyler is Divine intervention in bringing about your long dreamed novel and or memoir. She breathed hope into my hopeless project.”

– Sohaila Zivari


“Susan Wyler is an excellent writing instructor. She is insightful about the craft of writing and has a keen intuition about story. A poet and novelist herself, she is deeply instinctive when editing, and knows how to guide a student toward their own voice. More importantly, she is adept at articulating to the author, experienced or new, the steps necessary to enhance and strengthen their work.”

– Anita Cal

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